I Googled My Mom Today

I Googled my mom today, hoping to find some new-to-me fact about her that I could pretend was a memory we just made. I thought It would be like getting to know her all over again, before those fading glimpses of our time together escape me entirely. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. Every year I spend an hour or so building a word salad and believing wholeheartedly that I’m just one key word or phrase away from uncovering the motherload. Google disappoints every time. But that’s ok. I have a bigger search engine, family and friends who loved her just as fiercely. They remind me every Mother’s Day what a blessing she was to the world. The stories they share about how she touched their hearts bring her to life again. They make me laugh and cry. They make me grateful and proud. They make me feel like I’m sitting right next to her. Most importantly, they fill up my memory bank again and carry me through another year.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤️


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