Flash Fiction

Memory Surfer

Entry for Micro Bookends 1.14 challenge.  The story must be between 90 and 110 words, start with peace,end with prize and incorporate the photo prompt.

microbookends 1.14

Photo credit: Aaron Gilson

(110 words)

“Peace? “How can you possibly believe she is at peace?” I ask my relatives of the extended kind, interrupting their analysis of the mental waves that the body they once knew as a cousin was riding. What their limited appearances didn’t allow them to know is that the ebb into limbs with less dramatic angles and a quieter mind is always followed by a dramatic and painful flow back to the shore of her new normal. The caregiver who now needs constant care.  The mother who is now the child. The life of the party who is now the wallflower. Being swept out to sea for good, that’s her prize.


8 thoughts on “Memory Surfer

  1. Very powerful and I could feel the sadness and frustration of the mother’s daughter. It is sad that thanks to modern medicine people can live longer than ever but for many, it is only to dwindle away mentally, a little at a time from dementia. My best friend is in the early stages of Alzheimers. It is so very sad.

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