Flash Fiction

Unthink and Begin

Every Friday writers from near and far are challenged to create a 100 word fiction story from a photo prompt. If you’d like to join in the fun, get all the details here: Friday Fictioneers. Click the frog at the end of my post to see other stories from this week’s challenge and to add your own.

route 66

Copyright – Jean L. Hays

“Ha!” He didn’t know where that had come from really. It escaped his lungs the way air from the hose at a gas station does when making the PSI just right, sounding as if the H should have been replaced by a P, or, at the very least, preceded by one. The signs made him do it and now they couldn’t be unseen. How many times had he come to a crossroads only to turn and look behind him for guidance? Countless. No more. These signs couldn’t be ignored. They were begging him to begin. Start anew. Unthink what’s been.


18 thoughts on “Unthink and Begin

  1. We all look for signs, but don’t always recognize them as a source of direction because they may appear in an unexpected manner. This piece was obviously written with great cogitation. Well done.

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