Flash Fiction

Friday Fictioneers – Stairs

Every Friday writers from near and far are challenged to create a 100 word fiction story from a photo prompt.  Get the details here to join in the fun Friday Fictioneers.

Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

Copyright Bjorn Rudberg

Up, up, up….That’s where she was headed.  Making it to this stage could hardly have been imagined all those years ago when she was a shy little girl with a mouth full of teeth that had an agenda of their own.  An overbite so severe that her lips struggled and stretched to contain it and canines so jagged she carried a built in prop for Halloween year round, they had conspired to keep her from this place.  Now at the podium, clutching that sparkling statue, she uttered the only words that made sense “I’d like to thank my orthodontist”.


19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Stairs

  1. Dear JTS,

    Welcome to our little band of intrepid writers.

    Love the twist at the end of your toothy story. 😉 Your description of her teeth as a child is priceless.

    I look forward to more from you.




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